Sketch, Schema, and Aesthetics
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Sketch, Schema, and Aesthetics

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Yolaine Escande, Johanna Liu


Parution de  "Sketch, Schema, and Aesthetics", sous la direction de Yolaine Escande et Johanna Liu, un numéro spécial de la revue Universitas : monthly Review on Philosophy and Culture,  n° 534, novembre 2018 (en anglais et en chinois). Avec des articles de Denis Vidal, Wang Wen-sheng, Yang Ya-hui, Cheng Fan-ting, Yang Chien-chang, Yolaine Escande. La revue Universitas, Monthly Review on Philosophy and Culture est référencée dans le "Arts and Humanities Citation Index".

The Universitas Monthly Review on Philosophy and Culture Special Issue on “Sketch, Schema and Aesthetics” has the objective to highlight recent cognitive theories and anthropology research on this topic. The theory of sketch is related not only to the fields of transcultural images, poetry, novels, but also cognitive sciences and art. The studies on drawing and on sketch or draft are related to the aesthetic expression of the creative process in art, and to the anthropological and cultural meanings of artifacts. In the field of aesthetics, the topic of schema and sketch not only touches at the hermeneutic and interpretation of theories on artistic creation, but also concerns a re-evaluation of the artistic thought and the aesthetic judgements operating in different cultural contexts.

This Special issue on “Sketch, Schema and Aesthetics” focuses on the cognitive and creative process, the role of schema in thought and imagination, and the artistic practice and cultural function of sketched images in design. The topic of the issue has been discussed during the “International Conference on Philosophical Problems of Schema and Sketch in Art’’ held in Taipei Fu-Jen Catholic University in December 2017, and followed by ‘‘The Paths of Sketch: A Dialogue Between Taiwanese and European Scholars’’ in Paris Musée du quai Branly in June 2018.


Table of Contents

Special Issue: Sketch, Schema and Aesthetics
1 Introduction: Sketch, Schema and Aesthetics Johanna Liu, Yolaine Escande
3 Before The Aura—An Anthropological Approach to the Art and to the Practice of Drawing from an Indian Perspective Denis Vidal
27 Praise of the Draft: A Study of Aesthetic Terms in Chinese Arts Yolaine Escande
43 Schematism of Narrative Function: And on a Relationship of Arendt to Ricoeur Wen-Sheng Wang
65 Performing Diverge(d): The Theatrical Sketch of Tainaner Ensemble’s Belle Reprieve Fan-Ting Cheng
85 Intercultural Transfer of Time Schema: On Philippe Couplet’s Four Last Things Ya-Hui Yang
109 Sketch as Musical Medium: On Tōru Takemitsu’s Musical Garden Chien-chang Yang

Special Topic Book Reviews
127 François Jullien, La Grande Image n’a pas de forme. Ou du non-objet par la peinture Joanna LIU
131 Tim Ingold, Lines. A Brief History Yolaine Escande

137 On “Rite” as the “Supreme Morality” in Xunzi’s Doctrine of Human Nature Chiu-yun Huang
153 The Similarities and Differences and Essence of Confucian Scholars in Song Dynasty Bin Pan
167 Zhu Xi’s Mathematical World: A Discussion on the Relationship between Mathematics and Confucianism in the Song dynasty Yiwen Zhu
183 The Inherent Logical Thinking of Chuang-tzu’s Ming-Theory Xiaolu Zhou

199 News Ed. by Nai Hsiang Tu

201 From the Editor Chien Shuo Chiu

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期 草稿、圖式與美學專題

1 導言:草稿、圖式與美學專題 劉千美、幽蘭
3 靈光之前——從人類學的進路看印度觀點下的草圖實踐與藝術 德尼‧維達爾
27 草稿與不了的頌揚:中國藝術詞彙的美學解析 幽蘭
43 敘事作用的圖式論:鄂蘭和呂格爾關係的一種探討 汪文聖
65 (被)誤差:《姊夠甜.那吸》戲劇手稿之文化意義 鄭芳婷
85 時間圖式的跨文化遞移:論柏應理(Philippe Couplet)《四末真論》 楊雅惠
109 草圖作為音樂媒介:論武滿徹的音樂庭園 楊建章

127 書評:朱利安(F. Jullien):《大象無形:或論繪畫之非客體》 劉千美
131 書評:英戈德(T. Ingold):《線條簡史》 幽蘭

137 論荀子人性論以「道德之極」為「禮」之意義 黃秋韻
153 論宋儒「理欲觀」之異同及本質 潘斌
167 朱熹的數學世界——兼論宋代數學與儒學的關係 朱一文
183 莊子名論的內在理路 周曉露

199 學界訊息 杜迺翔 編

201 編後語 邱建碩

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