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Earth, Ecology, Ten Thousand Things. Materiality & Multiculturality

IPAA international conference 2022

Colloque IPAA 2022

In continuation of the international online workshop “Materiality & Multiculturality: A Dialogue between Aesthetics, Arts and Anthropology” hosted by NTUE’s Department of Arts and Design and IPAA at the end of 2021, the conference of this year will be co-hosted by Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory of Tainan National University of the Arts (TNNUA), and Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy of Academia Sinica, supported by IPAA. In this conference, we will expand our discussion to the following three themes in aesthetics, arts, and anthropology: “Earth, Ecology, Ten Thousand Things.” As Lothar Ledderose puts it, the universe is made up of ten thousand things, it is not human beings that are the center of the world, but the interweaving and assembling of materiality. If we refer to the British anthropologist Tim Ingold’s “making” theory, the original production of all things originates from a body within an environmental ecology. The mass-production of goods in contemporary world separates us from the original making process, but thankfully, numerous prosthesis and technological media created by the various multicultural makings maintain the potentialities of cultural translation and creative power.

The Main Theme and the Four Sub-Topics

This international workshop will focus on “Materiality and Multiculturality.” We welcome papers, statements and conversations on each of the following sub-topics, including: the anthropocene and materiality, links between multiculturality, and possible intermediary concepts such as artificiality, artifact, faire/making, eco-writing, eco-aesthetics, cosmopolitics etc. Based on these themes and discussions, four main thematic directions can be elucidated: (1) Materiality and Multiculturality, (2) The Anthropocene and Eco-writing, (3) Digital Intermediaries and Artifacts, and (4) Land art. As Ledderose argues, each culture’s categorization of materiality reveals a specific outlook on humanity and cosmology, the style and contour of multiculturality can thus be revealed by the emphasis and conceptualization of materiality. During the period of the extreme climate in which our Anthropocene or Capitalocene is situated, an ecological writing of anthropology and aesthetics arts involves a re-exploration of materialism and multiculturality. In the course of this exploration, since most types of communication in contemporary world are facilitated by digital media and the Critical Zone is stuffed with artifacts, a cultural production free of digital media or artifacts is almost non-existent. The complexity of materiality and multiculturality thus poses an extremely problematic arena for today’s popular Land Art festivals and Ecological Art.

  • Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory, Tainan National University of the Arts(TNNUA), Taiwan