The 3rd European Narratology Network (ENN) Conference (27-28/03/13)

The 3rd Conference of the ENN (European Narratology Network), organized under the auspices of the Centre de recherches sur les arts et le langage (Cral - CNRS/EHESS) and held at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris on march 27-28th, 2013, will bring together over 100 lecturers from nearly 35 countries. It seeks to map out the multiple developments in narratological research in recent years, both in the diversity of approaches and theories employed and in the many domains and disciplines in which narrative is now studied from a narratological perspective. Six keynote speakers, internationally known for their contributions in the field, will lecture on various dimensions of current narratological research, and a number of specialized workshops and panels are also scheduled. The conference will be preceded by a two-day Doctoral Seminar for 24 PhD students organized by Prof. Wolf Schmid (Hamburg University) and Prof. Per Krogh Hansen (Southern Denmark University).


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ENN opening
by Pierre Cyrille HAUTCŒUR (6 min 48)
President of EHESS

ENN opening
by Per Krogh HANSEN (2 min 21)
the Chairman of the ENN

"From Narrativity to Narrative Art"
by Jean-Marie Schaeffer (32 min )

"The Boundaries of Narrative and the Limits of Narratology"
by Brian Richardson (31 min 30 )

"Tellability in Pictorial Storytelling"
by Michael Ranta (31 min 53 )

"Narratives as Figures of Thought"
by Adriana Bontea (24 min 55 )


“Towards a Computational Narratology” 
by Jan Christoph MEISTER (41 min 34 )

“L’apport de la narratologie musicale à la narratologie contemporaine”
by Christian HAUER (24 min 01)


"Contextualized Poetics and Contextualized Rhetoric:
Consolidation or Subversion?”

by Dan Shen (39 min 04)



“The Story behind any Story: Evolution, Historicity, and Narrative Mapping”
by José Ángel GARCÍA LANDA (21 min 06)



“The Story behind any Story: Evolution, Historicity, and Narrative Mapping”
by José Ángel GARCÍA LANDA (20 min 51)


“What Lessons can be Drawn from the ‘Narrative Turn’
in the Human and Social Sciences?”
by Philippe ROUSSIN (17 min 15)


“How Many ‘Turns’ Does it Take to Change a Discipline?
Narratology and the Interdisciplinary Rhetoric of the Narrative Turn”
by Paul DAWSON (26 min 13)


“The Garden of Forking Paths: A Change of Perspective on Narrative Sequence”
by Raphaël BARONI (39 min 58)


“Curiosity, Suspense, and Proto-narrative Tension:
The Three Riddles in Giacomo Puccini’s Turandot”
by Gabriel SEVILLA (27 min 09)


“Furthering the Bases of a ‘Natural’ Narratology for Music”
by Nicolas MARTY (18 min 58)

Romeo et Juliette de Berlioz :
deux styles de musique narrative pour deux rapports différents à la 'scène'
by Violaine ANGER (26 min 32)


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